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    Aluminium Circle to Make Rice Cooker

    May. 08, 2018

    Our premium Quality Aluminum Disc can be utilized in the creation of various Aluminum Cookware products, for example for heavy drawing cooking kettle、pressure cooker circle、rotation standard for kitchen utensils/cooking utensil、utilize to make rice cooker、for aluminum stick cookware、for cookware underside、for non traditional cookware、for skillet、for skillet、for kitchenware etc..

    Characteristics of pressure stove circle:

    1.Made with aluminum - high thermal conductivity.

    2.Comes with storage bag for easy packing.

    Huadong Aluminium is the world's famous Aluminum Circles Manufacturer. Aluminum circle is commonly utilised in producing aluminum cookware, as aluminum sauce pan, pizza pan ,utensils program. It's standard with depth from 0.3mm--6mm diameter out of 80mm-980mm. After years of growth, we've got our innovative production lines and older advertising strategy.

    Aluminum Circles Manufacturer